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"And my mama was a savage, got this shit from Tina Ada" - Beyoncé


To describe Nicole Law as unapologetically bold, a trait she inherited from her mother, would be an understatement. Nicole embraced the DIY spirit from a young age, making what she wanted but couldn't find. Her ethos is simple - if something doesn't exist yet, it just means there is an opportunity to be the person bringing that idea to life for the rest of the world.


Nicole's friends know she does not leave the house without her jewelry and accessories, but something is missing. All the gold, pearl, and jade necklaces are great, but there's a specific chain design she had conjured up visually to complete her look, but no one has gotten it quite the way she envisioned it. So she did what she has always done - creating it together with Ada, her mom. Just like that, FIERCE was born on a Sunday afternoon in December 2021. Nicole wanted these chains to be bold and colorful, with all the variety and combinations one can imagine, so they can become the perfect companion piece when color-coordinating with outfits, from something as casual as crop tops and oversized tees to crazy festival attire.


Speaking of festivals, these FIERCE chains can't just be about looks; they also need to feel great. Nicole crafted the collection knowing that she would wear them at all the raves, and if you burn 1500 calories a night on the dance floor like her, the chain you rock better be built different. FIERCE is for every occasion and everyone, but without a doubt, it lives and breathes the spirit of nightlife. DJs and party regulars have embraced the brand, coming together behind it as a community to celebrate a kaleidoscope of music, dance, and individuality in the most stunning way. 


So express yourself, make a statement, and customize it to match your vibe. Everyone got a little bit of FIERCE in them, and now is the time to show your colors and display that energy in a major way. Forget the chains that tie you down, and embrace the ones that scream freedom.


P.S. If you see stickers of a tiger with hearts for eyes, gold fangs, and FIERCE chains - you've been blessed by the presence of Fu Fu, Nicole's spirit animal and the brand mascot.


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